Learn About The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey Podcast

What is the Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey Podcast?

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey Podcast, (The EMJ Podcast, for Short) provides weekly episodes. Some episodes are guest interviews with experienced entrepreneurs or business leaders, while in other episodes, we talk directly about online marketing strategies.

Our guest’s stories involve issues that affect SEO, online marketing, and business strategies. Their stories can reveal breakthroughs, aha moments, and online marketing strategies.

What does EMJ stand for?

Our company is EMJ Media. The EMJ in EMJ Media breaks down into the Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey.

Why do we have guest interviews on our podcast?

We strongly believe that it is critical that our listeners do not have a bias from just listening to our opinions from our experiences in SEO. By having other online marketing experts, successful online entrepreneurs, and business leaders, we can showcase what currently works in online marketing.

What is the publishing frequency of the podcast?

New episodes of the podcast are published on Wednesday mornings.

Who is the podcast’s host?

Matt Hepburn

Matt Hepburn from EMJ Media Headshot

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