About the EMJ Podcast

What is the EMJ Podcast?

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Journey Podcast, better known as The EMJ Podcast, interviews experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The EMJ Podcast provides weekly interviews, providing strategies, and breakthroughs for your online business from entrepreneurs and business leaders

You are in the right place

If you are frustrated with how your business is performing online, or you might only have an idea for a business, but you are not sure how you would market it online, then you are in the right place. 

Why listen to the EMJ Podcast?

We get to learn about the issues in entrepreneurs’ businesses that forced them to re-group and change to how they approached these challenges.

We learn about the strategies they employed to overcome these challenges and hear about these aha moments.

We can also use the same strategies that they did, without having to overcome the pitfalls that these business leaders faced.

The goal of the EMJ Podcast

The goal of this podcast is to provide you with crucial information that influenced business leaders’ direction in marketing their businesses. 

Our interviewees are giving you the keys to proven online marketing strategies so that you don’t have to go through the pain they went through.

We will be creating content on our blog, that goes into detail on marketing tactics with the goal of connecting strategies together so that you can choose from different marketing plans.

Our interviewees

Our interviewees come from all walks of life and business.  The attribute that ties them together is that they work on or for an online business that has had success.

How we define success

We do not put a monetary value on an interviewee’s success.  In other words, we are not trying to interview people where we can find an estimated worth of a company or their personal worth.

We are interviewing business leaders that have compelling stories. These entrepreneurs share how they overcame challenges in their business and marketing.

Episode Frequency

In case you are interested in our publishing frequency, we are publishing a new episode every Wednesday.

Podcast Host

Matt Hepburn

The Entrepreneurs Marketing Journey Podcast

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